Purdue Exponent: Hundreds protest at Purdue about racism; Mitch Daniels issues statement

LAFAYETTE – Purdue University’s student newspaper, the Purdue Exponent, reported Friday that several hundred people believed to be students and faculty members gathered in front of the Class of 1950 Lecture Hall in support of protests at the University of Missouri.

The protests over concerns of racism and lack of action by campus officials at the University of Missouri led to the resignation of university systems president Thomas Wolfe on Nov. 9.

Trying to get ahead of the protest on Purdue’s campus, university president Mitch Daniels issued a statement of his own Wednesday.

“Events this week at the University of Missouri and Yale University should remind us all of the importance of absolute fidelity to our shared values. First, that we strive constantly to be, without exception, a welcoming, inclusive and discrimination-free community, where each person is respected and treated with dignity. Second, to be steadfast in preserving academic freedom and individual liberty,” Daniels said in his statement, released by Purdue.

“Two years ago, a student-led initiative created the ‘We Are Purdue Statement of Values,’ which was subsequently endorsed by the University Senate. Last year, both our undergraduate and graduate student governments led an effort that produced a strengthened statement of policies protecting free speech. What a proud contrast to the environments that appear to prevail at places like Missouri and Yale. Today and every day, we should remember the tenets of those statements and do our best to live up to them fully,” Daniels statement concluded.

According to the Purdue Exponent, the organizing students issued a list of 13 demands that were made public on Friday.

Read the list of demand in the Purdue Exponent story here.


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