Purdue Exponent: Christine Taylor Out as Vice Provost of Diversity; Trustees to vote on Dutta’s title

WEST LAFAYETTE — The Purdue Exponent reported Wednesday (July 15) that Christine Taylor, Purdue’s first and only vice provost for diversity and chief diversity officer was let go on July 1, with Provost Debasish “Deba” Dutta taking over her duties.

“This is something Taylor and I have discussed for over two-and-a-half months,” Dutta told the student newspaper about Taylor’s departure in the article. “She agrees with it. Her passion, she has told me repeatedly, is in the student domain. We have discussed many options and then we jointly arrived at the situation where I said to her that her passion, her experience, her interest is well-served for the student domain, but I need to raise it a level where I can address faculty issues.”

The Exponent reported that Purdue Board of Trustees will vote on Friday (July 17) on adding “diversity” to Dutta’s title of executive vice president academic affairs. The student newspaper wrote that the African-American and Latino student population at the university is less than four percent while less than a quarter of faculty and staff has a diversity background.

Read the rest of the Purdue Exponent story on Taylor’s departure here.


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